Public Administration
June 18, 2019

Sample Capstone Project

This paper seeks to identify the effects of deportation and detention of undocumented immigrants to their U.S born children. The consequences of deportation of parents to the children, the impact on their social economic lives, emotional and psychological effects. This paper is built on the fact that statistically, most immigrants into the U.S are unregistered for various reasons, yet give birth to children who become citizens of the State. In addition, these immigrants always face an impending threat of deportation and the potential reality of detention once discovered by the immigration officials. The paper further identifies and analyses the mixed status families born from this situation and the consequence of such status quo for children who have to constantly deal with the fact that they are in a family unit in which they do not share a common legal status. It is such physiological anguish that this paper identifies, analyses and routes for solutions and recommendations on how to improve the lives of citizen children born to undocumented immigrant parents.
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