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Nursing is one of the most complex yet dignified professions. The complex

aspect of nursing is also seen in the assignments given to nursing students,

especially nursing case study assignments. Nursing students, therefore, require

all the help they can get to ensure that they can deliver their nursing assignments

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Why are Case Studies Important in Nursing Coursework?

Case studies give Nursing Students historical and practical knowledge from the personal experiences of their predecessors.

Nursing case studies provide realistic clinical scenarios that provide practical experiences for students to apply their theoretical

knowledge. This makes them active learners by participating in responding to the given scenarios making nursing coursework

enjoyable for the students.

Case studies also promote critical thinking in students as they’re forced to analyze the cases from various points of view. Analysis

of various nursing case studies allows nursing students to harness the ability to make informed clinical judgments faster. Further,

they also improve patient outcomes as they help produce competent nurses who make minimal medical errors.

Tips on Writing the Best Nursing Case Study Outline

Writing a good-quality nursing case study paper requires a

significant amount of planning. The first step is to identify the focus

of the paper as well as the format. Thereafter, conduct research and

gather facts that will make up the content of the paper and finally, the

writing of the paper.

The main aspects to consider to get a good nursing case study

outline is in the 5 steps of a nursing care plan:

  • The patients’ assessments
  • The diagnostic procedures applied,
  • The nursing procedures used,
  • The healthcare plan and goal, and
  • The alternative care processes.

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Popular examples of case studies in nursing

Nursing case studies take various forms. For instance:

  • case studies for nursing care plansThese focus on the pathophysiology, nursing interventions, and goals, as well as the assessment of the patient. For instance a drug-seeking intervention for influenza patients.

  • nursing management case studies – These focus on management and leadership characteristics, adoption of change, management theories, leadership types, and staffing issues.

  • nursing process case studies- For instance, a nurse’s assessment of a hospitalized patient with breathing problems.

  • clinical case studies for nursing students

  • medical case studies for nursing students

5 Common Mistakes to avoid in writing a nursing case study essay

  • Avoid using too technical nursing terms when writing a nursing case study essay.

  • Always use the appropriate nursing terminologies.

  • Desist from using acronyms as they complicate the answers for anyone reading.

  • Avoid copying directly from other sources as plagiarism has dire consequences.

  • Another common mistake is in the formatting of the nursing case study essay; Stick to the stipulated format or acquaint yourself with the standard format.
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Steps in writing a case study paper for nursing

There are followed nursing steps to writing a case study paper.

  1. The patient’s status; includes the demographic data, medical history, and current diagnosis and treatment plan.
  2. The nurse’s assessment of the patients; the vitals and test results as well as the nurse’s observations.
  3. Current Care plan. Discuss at length the care plan including the specific interventions and the goals. Give an evaluation of the plan.
  4. Recommendations. Give personal recommendations based on the current status of the patient, their diagnosis, the care plan, and any other alternatives to improve their status. 

Our Nursing Case Study Writing Services

1. nursing case study quizlet

If you are looking for answers to certain nursing case studies, we do offer sample case studies that have been solved such as the

Janson Medical Clinic Case study which you can read through and see what is expected of you when handling such an assignment.

2. nursing case study introduction sample

State briefly, the patient’s medical history, current treatment and diagnosis, any potential nursing interventions, and the

recommendations. See here

3. nursing case study questions and answers

Answer the questions on the current nursing intervention and goals. Ask questions about the patient’s history and likely diagnosis.

4. nursing case study analysis

Analyze all the possible scenarios of the case study. Include alternative treatment plans or strategies.

5. nursing case study presentation

Paraphrase the patient scenario, and the main complaints, including the assessment information such as the vitals, medical history,

demographic data, and other valuable information.


1. What is a nursing care case study?

A nursing care case study is a patient scenario that is used to test a nursing student’s response to practical situations encountered daily in practice.

2. How long should a nursing case study be?

This varies depending on the requirements of the school but anything between 500-1500 words is acceptably reasonable.

3. What should a nursing case study include?

The patient’s status, the nurse’s assessment, the current care plan


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