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What is the Purpose of a Care Plan in Nursing?

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Nursing care plans (NCPs) are very important to the nursing process. NCPs

offer centralized documentation of the patient’s information such as diagnosis,

nursing goals, treatment plans, and the patient’s progress over time. The primary

purpose of a care plan is to allow the nurse and other healthcare professionals to

make informed decisions for the patient.

Nursing Care Plan also affords nurses the comfort of advising the patient and their family members accordingly. Further, the care

plans are critical for insurance claims and reimbursements. Finally, a care plan allows the caregiver to plan as they allow for

analysis and problem-solving. Thus our nursing care plan writing service was born with this in mind and is anchored on these


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How Our Nursing Care Plan Writing Service Works

Our Nursing Care Plan Writing Service works in very simple and efficient steps after the client places an order with us.

1. Evaluation of Nursing Care Plans

The first step is to analyze the given instructions and scenario. Here, we require the client to avail of all resources issued by their

instructors. The grading rubric would go a long way in helping us understand the requirements of the care plan.

2. Assessing Nursing Care Plans Goals

The next step is understanding and establishing the exact goals of the given nursing care plan. Here, an assessment report of the

patient is required as well as the current treatment plan.

3. Finding NCP writers

After establishing the goals of the nursing care plan, a nursing writer is assigned to the client. If the client is a repeat client, then

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What do You Write in a Nursing Care Plan


A good nursing care plan has the following key components:

  • Patient assessment: Diagnostic report and medical results on the physical, emotional, psychosocial, economic, and other demographic information

  • Nursing diagnosis: A description statement on the patient’s health issue.

  • Expected nursing outcomes: These are specific goals set to be achieved after the nursing intervention.

  • Intervention/nursing orders: These are the specific actions that the nurse will take to address the patient’s diagnosis and achieve the expected outcome.

  • Rationale: Here, evidence-based reasoning is given for the nursing intervention stipulated.

  • Evaluation: Assessment as to whether the expected outcomes and nursing goals have been achieved.

Popular Nursing Care Plan Assignment Examples

1. Nanda nursing diagnosis and care plans.

These include problem-focused diagnosis, health promotion, risk-focused, and syndrome.

2. Care Plans for Nursing Home

Commonly referred to as geriatric nursing care plans, these plans focus on the well-being and comfort of the elderly population.

3. Nursing care plans for pain

Most of these care plans focus on pain management, quality, location, severity, duration, and relieving factors of the pain. 

4. Nursing care plans in community health

These focus on the promotion of health and wellness within the community as well as disease prevention and control.

5. Psychiatric nursing care plan

Including drug and substance abuse

6. Nursing diagnosis care plan

These include acute pain, chronic pain, anxiety, constipation, and deficient knowledge among others.

7. Critical care nursing care plan

These revolve around patients in critical care such as fluid volume deficit, breathing patterns, cardiac output, and gas exchange


8. LPN nursing care plans

These types of plans revolve around an LPN offering suggestions on the development and changes made to the care plan.

9. Holistic nursing care plan

These nursing care plans are focused on the patient’s individual cognitive, emotional, physical, and social well-being while

including their spirituality and cultural beliefs.


1. What are care plans in nursing school?

These are blank templates that have been sectioned such that the nursing student can record the assessment, treatment, and outcomes.

2. How do you write an expected outcome in a nursing care plan?

Expect outcomes should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable Realistic Time=framed

3. What does the NMC say about care plans?

Every patient has the right to individualized care that helps improve outcomes.


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