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What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is focused on expressing a protracted

argument on a specific thesis statement.  The essay focused on

presenting a defined stance on their subject and dimension. An

argumentative essay uses factual evidence and logical support to

persuade readers to adopt a specific way of thinking. The author

adopts a firmly established position on their subject and develops a case-based argument in support of it. The most popular kind of

essay to write in college is an argumentative essay.

Instances That an Augmentative Essay is Required

In a composition class, you might be required to write an argumentative essay as part of the writing assignment. The prompt will

frequently use the words “argue” or “argument,” asking you to support one of two positions. It frequently takes the shape of a

query. In terms of the potential arguments you could make, the prompt might be more open-ended.

College-level argumentative writing focuses on concrete empirical data to favor quantitative support. You will use some sort of

argumentation in the vast majority of essays or papers you write for university. For instance, you might not be required to write an

argumentative essay in this setting, but it is important to present an argument that is backed up by evidence in most academic

writing, so you should always take this course. Therefore, the method used to convince the audience is what makes an essay

argumentative. The essay employs the use of fact-based evidence and unquestionable logic to prove that the thesis provided is


So when writing an argumentative essay the student should focus on ensuring they leave no doubt in ensuring the thesis is

accurate. Therefore one must invalidate opposing perspectives in a bid to strengthen the argument. Our argumentative essay

writing service does not focus on the thesis of the writer but also discusses other contradicting points of view.

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Structure of an argumentative essay

The effectiveness and quality of your argumentative essay depend on the efficacy of the presentation of the chosen perspective.

The structure of an argumentative essay is more involved in comparison to other essay types since you have to address the

opposing arguments.  Therefore, students may find it challenging and may deal with questions on which argument to address first.

And at what point do they introduce their main points? However, with the following basic structure, it can be easy for you to

effectively complete an argumentative essay.

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Like many other essays, the introduction is the first paragraph. The introduction should capture the attention of the readers

and sets up the rest of the essay. The last sentence of the introduction should be the thesis statement which presents the point you

will be supporting in your essay. A strong thesis is the cornerstone of a high-quality argumentative essay.  Therefore always ensure

your thesis is strong and captures the attention of the readers.

Argumentative Essay Writing Service


This will consist of various paragraphs to support your thesis. Each paragraph should present your arguments and

provide adequate facts to support them.  Further, the paragraphs should also be focused on refuting the opposing arguments. Each

paragraph should present one point either supporting or refuting the opinion. The most effective means of addressing this part is

by presenting supporting evidence for your argument and providing supporting evidence. This is then followed by the

contradictory evidence followed by a rebuttal of their claims. Provide sufficient evidence for both sides of the argument.

Argumentative Essay Writing Service


This is the final paragraph in your essay and should include a recap of the thesis in the context of all the evidence offered

to strengthen your argument. Learning to write a good essay may take a while and needs practice and with time constraints

involved, it could be quite hard to provide an effective paper.

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