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This guide will help you understand how to write an analytical essay with

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Definition of an Analytical Essay?

Analytical essays, one of the seven major types of essays, the essay meticulously dissects a single subject to clarify particular

arguments or support the author’s theories. They frequently analyze artistic themes and hidden messages in works of literature,

film, music, or other forms of creative expression.

However, they can also talk about other issues pertaining to society, politics, and science. Since analytical essays are expository

essays, bias, opinions, and persuasion are not permitted in them. Even when an author attempts to support their theory (or refute an

opposing theory), their argument should be limited to facts and logic. It should not include too much personal emotion.

An analytical essay is usually more than a synopsis of a topic but involves a thorough analysis of the critical points of the subject

matter. It consists of looking at how the text was written and its motivations. Therefore, one would focus on the major themes, the

structuring and support of the argument, and the literary devices that have been applied to augment the message further. When

writing an analytical essay, you might focus on ensuring the audience agrees with your point of view. However, contrary to the

goals of an argumentative essay, an analytical report focuses on providing adequate analysis and examples that will help cement

your argument and make it precise.

Analytical essay

Structuring an Analytical Essay

Like other essays, an analytical essay contains an introduction, body, and conclusion.


The introduction should grab the attention of the readers and should end with a strong thesis statement that introduces the subject

matter of the essay. For instance, when writing an analytical essay concerning an article, one must mention the title, the author,

and the central theme the author is introducing to the audience. This will then be followed by a strong thesis that presents your


Body paragraphs

An analytical essay will have various body paragraphs addressing a different analysis point. Each section should have a topic

sentence that supports the discussion’s main point. The sentences that follow should have adequate evidence to support your claim.

A paragraph can then end with a transition sentence to ensure the essay flows seamlessly.


The conclusion should not introduce any new ideas but rather summarize the main points presented in the paper. The thesis should

be restated, and the decision should ensure that any individual who reads the conclusion has a general idea of the subject matter of

your essay and its structure.

 Steps to Writing the Best Analytical Essay

The first step is a selection of an appropriate topic

On most occasions, the professor may provide a topic, and the student can skip this step. However, if an issue has not been

provided, students must ensure they select an appropriate topic that could determine their grades.

Before choosing a case, one should ensure good examples to support analysis to make it easier to complete the assignment. A good

topic for an analytical essay is something you find interesting, attracts the audience’s attention, and should have a manageable

scope and adequate evidence to support the arguments provided.

Writing a thesis

Once a topic has been selected, one should develop a strong thesis statement. The thesis statement should answer the question,

“what will the essay analyze?” an effective thesis statement will guide the rest of the essay as each statement must relate to the


Research to Find Your Main Points

The student should then list all the main points of the essay. The strongest points will then be included in the body paragraphs. The

research will also involve collecting evidence to support the main points. After the student is satisfied with the evidence and facts

collected, they can then write a flawless essay that will ensure they achieve high grades.

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