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Our dissertation writing services exist to help students tackle what is perceived as one of the most complicated assignments in a

student’s academic life. We help you demystify the perceived complexity of a dissertation right from the beginning stages of topic

selection to outlining your dissertation goals and purpose, to the literature review, data collection, and analysis, all the way to

the presentation of the final findings. Dissertation writing requires a deep understanding of the topic, the flow of issues, and the

expected result.

At Elite Custom Writings, we offer a step-by-step guide to dissertation writing, allowing you to be at peace with the write-up and

ensuring that all the feedback from your professor is continually integrated into your paper. Being a customer-centric online

custom writing service, we know how important it is, to ensure that a student understands every step of our custom dissertation

writing help service.

Dissertation Writing Format

The format used to write dissertations is very specific and most institutions apply their own styles of formatting.

There is however a general format in terms of structure, even though the content of the dissertation varies depending on discipline,

topic, and institutional guidelines. From a general point of view, below is a dissertation format that you can use to generate an

outline or first draft of your dissertation.

Typical dissertation structure :

Chapter 1: Introduction (broad overview of the research)
Chapter 2: Review of the literature (and conceptual framework)
Chapter 3: Methodology
Chapter 4: Results or Findings
Chapter 5: Interpretations, Conclusions, and Recommendations

Guidelines and Professional Tips For Writing A Dissertation

Below are tips from our dissertation writing help service team on how to come up with a dissertation paper that sets you apart

from the rest of your coursemates.

Getting Started with Dissertation Writing

1. Topic Generation:

– The best way to get a topic for your dissertation is by basing it on a question. Think about the topics you have studied in that

course and seek to find if there is a question that feels unanswered by the body of knowledge and one on which research could

shed some light and offer a solution.

2. Statement of Purpose:

– Once you settle on the research question, embark on rigorous research to find literature that covers

the research question of interest. Read books, journals, and internet sources that have discussed the topic of interest and be well

informed on the topic. This research and the newfound perspective after research shape the purpose of your dissertation.

You find the reason why you would want to carry out further research on the topic of interest and what your area of focus will

be in the thesis. This also forms part of your conceptual framework. This simply means that you are getting the concept and

creating a framework around your dissertation proposal in terms of research purpose.

3. Methodology :

– Once you have the purpose of your research, the next stage of the dissertation writing process is the data

collection stage. As such, you are required to come up with proper data collection methods according to the type of data you will

be collecting. Hence the name methodology. In dissertation writing, there are generally two types of data you are expected to use,

either quantitative or qualitative data. While some students tend to weigh which data type is preferable to the other,

there is no good or bad data type. The type of data collected for the dissertation is completely dependent on the dissertation topic,

and what the dissertation aims to achieve.

4. Results and Findings :

– Once you collect data, you are required to analyze it and present your findings. In this chapter, you

only present the results from your data analysis. You should not discuss the other research literature or the implications of your

findings in this chapter.

5. Interpretations, Conclusions, and Recommendations:

– In this chapter, you are now required to discuss your findings and interpret them while giving your own opinion and

recommendations on the topic of discussion.

6. References:

– Having used academic resources, books, and journals throughout your dissertation, you are required to list all

references used so as to avoid making your work appear plagiarized and also to give credit to other authors who have tackled the

the same problem as your thesis before.

7. Appendices

– Use this section to attach a list of items that are supportive of the dissertation but not necessarily part of the main


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Some dissertations are time-consuming and tasking as they require

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Before settling for a company for dissertation writing

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Dissertation Writing Services

The Benefits of Using Custom Dissertation Writing Services.

Once you have the right team for the job, with the right tools and qualified professionals handling all the work, writing a

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Stress-Free Online Dissertation Writing Services in UK, USA, Canada & Australia.

The thing about dissertation writing is that there is never enough time to finish everything. Many professors think that they have

given enough time for dissertation writing or enough time to carry out the research or survey, but most students end up being

caught up by the fast-approaching deadlines and feel overwhelmed thus delivering papers that are not their best.

The essence of using dissertation writing services is to help you not only achieve good grades on your dissertation paper but also

beat those deadlines without stress.

A good dissertation writing service will offer assistance at any stage of the dissertation process be it data collection, topic

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This is where our dissertation writing services come in.

Not only will you be guaranteed to have your dissertation paper complete in good time, but you will also have a quality paper to

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In cases where you as a student have completed the dissertation paper but still feel that you need a third eye to have a look at the

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idea. A good dissertation writing service not only offers writing services but also helps students polish up their thesis and

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A dissertation carries quite a significant amount of marks as a percentage of the total performance making it a critical paper when

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In addition, dissertation writing is not only done for exam purposes only but also as part of your preparation to join the

professional world and apply the knowledge you have acquired to the world of academia or professionals. It, therefore, goes

without saying that dissertation writing services require the seriousness it demands, and on that front, we got you covered.

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1. How much does it cost to have someone write your dissertation?

The cost of hiring a dissertation writer can be from as low as $15 per page depending on the time you allocate before the deadline, your academic level, and the details of your dissertation paper.

2. How to choose the best dissertation writing services?

When choosing a dissertation writing service, look out for the terms of service delivery, a good dissertation writing service will allow partial delivery so that your professor can be in tandem with your paper and its progress.

Look out for customer reviews and chat with the customer support team to feel how customer-oriented they are. Good customer service assures you of a smooth experience even when you have a lot of back and forth with the Professor. You need a team that listens and acts.

At Elite Custom Writings, we endeavor to ensure that we not only offer quality papers but give you a good experience while at it because you deserve it.

3. How much does proofreading a dissertation cost?

If we write the dissertation for you, we definitely do it for free but if you hire us to read yours, this only costs $20.


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