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Evidence based practice paper

What is an Evidence Based Practice Paper?

An evidence-based practice paper is based on the recommendation that

medical practices must be advanced and implemented based on an ongoing

cycle of evidence. This implies that the changes made in the medical field

have to be documented in a bid to further research, and the hypotheses

brought forward are recorded as evidence of the need for change.

Research is at the helm of the medical field, necessitating the need to write

research reports. These reports must be supported by evidence that the findings are accurate, practical, and can be implemented

with the least amount of hardships. Some of these reports are referred to as Evidence Based Practice papers.

They can come in different titles, for instance, Evidence Based Practice case reports, Evidence-Based Practice projects, or thesis.

They make an integral part of the nursing coursework.

Most of the time, instructors require the students to write evidence based practice papers as their final nursing papers.

This creates a need to learn how to write such nursing papers. Students write evidence-based practice papers to trigger their

research interests and hone their critical thinking skills while perfecting their decision-making skills to be applied in real-world

scenarios. Therefore, as a nursing student, writing an evidence-based practice paper is compulsory.   

Hence, learning how to write these nursing papers is essential. Making it, therefore, necessary to have a writing nursing paper

help, particularly an evidenced based practice paper. Because it requires an in-depth analysis and critical reasoning of the topic

at hand.      

Implementation of EBP in nursing adopts a systematic review approach. This means that the research is reviewed by following a

particular guideline. The EBP process has six steps as below:

  1. Assessing the need for change. Here, formulate the research question by evaluating the collected data on current practices
  2. It is locating the best evidence. Identify sources of evidence and research them further to ascertain their credibility and relevance to the research question.
  3. Synthesize the evidence. Conduct an appraisal of the value of the evidence, outlining the benefits and risks of the proposed practices.
  4. Design the change. Define the proposed changes and implementation process.
  5. Implement and evaluate change. Implement the proposed changes and then evaluate the outcomes.
  6. Integrate and maintain change. Monitor the process and evaluate it periodically based on the new evidence.
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Steps to Writing an Evidence-Based Practice Paper

  1. Identifying a topic

The first step is to choose an appropriate topic for your EBP. This sets precedence for the whole nursing paper. Therefore, it is

imperative to have a clear and concise EBP topic or problem, and the new changes necessitated or already done. If you’re unsure,

you can confer with your instructor on the viability of your topic. This helps establish a firm foundation for your research.

  • Gather evidence through research

Research is the backbone of your evidence based practice paper. Therefore, this requires extensive research from various

sources to support the thesis statement. This requires an in-depth analysis of resources, both primary and secondary. Credible and

reputable sources are recommended here as evidence. Reliable sources are mainly peer-reviewed sources. Good research will

ensure that the research question, the hypothesis, and the thesis statements are answered.

  • Write the evidence based practice paper

After gathering evidence, it is time to write the actual evidence based practice paper. This nursing paper has several parts that

must be written precisely, concisely, and quip. It should encompass the research supporting and contradicting the hypothesis to

cover both sides of the argument. Below is a breakdown of the outline of an evidence-based practice paper.

  1. Title page

It is imperative to name your nursing paper appropriately. This title will be the guiding force for the article. It is also the basis for

your hypothesis and should be accurate, concise, and straightforward. It should also be brief and take a question form, statement

or an opposing idea.

  • Thesis Statement

This is a control statement that represents your stance. It is different from the hypothesis in that the idea is a statement that you can

prove or contradict, while the thesis statement is a guiding agenda statement throughout your research. An evidence based

practice paper without a thesis statement is considered incomplete.

  • Introduction

There are several elements to this part. It gives a background of the research question and helps paint an accurate picture. To make

it easier, this section can adopt the PICO-statement format that is:

  • Problem: the needs that need to be solved
  • Intervention: what interventions have been identified? Support with literature evidence;
  • Comparison: what are other alternative solutions? Support with literature evidence;
  • Outcome: what is the intended result for the research question?
  • Methodology

Evidence Based Practice Paper is focused on a body of evidence that necessitates data collection. This is done by reviewing and

depending on the evidence level; there are different techniques, including systematic reviews, literature reviews, peer-reviewed

journals, RCTs, case-controlled studies, or cohort studies. Your methodology should specify the databases search and the criteria

used to select, include and exclude articles.

  • Literature Review

This section explores the literature to establish the association to the topic. The goal is to identify the gaps in these studies and use

the knowledge to expound on the matter. A tabulated format is the easiest way to do it.

  • Discussion.

This discusses the changes, the implementation approach, and the evaluation strategies. You can discuss further the findings and

make necessary comparisons.

  • Conclusion

Summarize the evidence-based practice paper. This should be short and witty.

  • References

These are reassurance that you conducted the research. You can get the strength between your work and the references by

interlinking them. In the evidence based practice paper, the references are the evidence that the ideas were borrowed and we

built on them to create a creative change.

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