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June 4, 2020
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Part-Time Jobs for International Students

Consider the skills you can gain from the job you are pursuing. Money is a good thing, but it is only a means. The beauty of a part-time job is in gaining skills more than even making money.
May 17, 2020

Healthy Lifestyle among Middle-Aged Women Liked to Reduced Risk of Stroke

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, strokes remain as the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. It is also the leading cause of preventable long-term disability. The average number of strokes in the United States is 760,000.
May 8, 2020
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Gender Discrimination

Law Questions; Nguyen’s Case How did the INS categorize Nguyen Born in the Siagon Vietnam, to a US citizen father and a non-citizen mother, Nguyen was […]
May 8, 2020
Studying From Home

Studying Remotely

Studying from Home; How to effectively study remotely.   Studying from home may appear to offer you more time at your disposal which may make you […]
May 8, 2020
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Going back to College after your 30’s

Whether you started college and left or never went at all, with a degree, you can open more doors in your career. Though the process mirrors what high school students go through to get into college, you have some special considerations as an adult. Here are some of the best tips for getting back to school at 30 whether full time, part time or online studies.
October 28, 2019
Student Summer Vacation

How to Spend Your Summer College Vacation Wisely as a Student

Summer holiday is a great time for students to relax, recharge and re-energize after long weeks of class assignments culminated with a week or two of […]
July 22, 2019

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How to Write a Winning Essay Tired of pulling all those all-nighters? Your feet in a bucket half full with cold water and desperate optimism.  Why […]
July 9, 2019

Fall Semester Plan

Fall Semester Plan. Introduction A solid Fall semester plan will help you get the best out of your schedule. A lot of work should go into […]
June 18, 2019

Exams during Ramadan

Coping with Exams during Ramadan The holy month of Ramadan, more often than not, coincides with the exam season. You are therefore  likely to be revising for […]
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