Application Essays

 1. Application Essay

This kind of essay is most applicable when a student is joining a new education institution. Students always have an idea of what they want their application essay to state. In most instances, a guide is also given to the student as to what the examiner expects. The trick however is how well and articulated a student appears. A personal statement is a toll of competition and only the best get accepted into the instructions they apply to. One may have had good GPS grades, has excellent intentions of studying a course and helping the community back at home but fails to present a strong case through the application essay.

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  2. Personal Statement

What is the difference between a personal statement and an application essay?              

A personal essay is also known as a reflective essay. It is based more on a past experience, a journey to a fascinating destination or even a foreign land. This essay is written on retrospect where the writer narrates how the experience improved him as a person. In addition, a reflection essay allows a writer to plan his future based on the experience. In most instances. A reflective essay allows a student to show how he can improve the lives of those around him or in the community.

An application essay on the other hand is a narration of who one is as a person. How life experiences have shaped his need to pursue a certain professional and academic courses in a given institution. An application essay takes a narrative structure of a resume with a motivational section. In this type of essay, the student must also state what him or her intendeds to do to change life of those around him after attaining the new level of education.


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